It settled on the railings of the balcony, picking on the geraniums that Nelly had planted .

It was happy and chanted –

It was seven am and Nelly opened slightly the window , very quietly so as not to frighten it .

It kept chanting for few minutes and then flew away .

The next morning at around seven am the pink breasted bird came back and chanted again .

Nelly opened the window and it kept chanting for a few more minutes and then flew away .

The day after it had become a routine , and the bird seemed to enjoy the company .

Nelly proferred a twig , a very thin and small branch of a bouganvilla . The bird kept on singing but a liitle longer .

Then one day the pink breasted bird settled on the branch and kept on singing .

It was seven fifteen before it disappeared .

After a month Nelly wrapped the twig with one of her long fingers , and then two and the whole hand .

The pink breasted  bird sat on the hand and sang .

This wonderful routine lasted until the first of April .

This was when the spring clock was advanced by one hour .

At seven which was now eight the bird with the pink breast came back each day and settled on  the railing .

Is it my imagination ?  But the song was not the same .

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