Une petite histoire d’amour .

I just returned from England and I was preoccupied  because my parents lived near the Gare du Nord.

Rue Destouvelle 192 and after living like a prince in Wales and in Devonshire , it was very sad to see my parents and my sister and my brother live there.

So I decided to make money .

The export business was just starting and I also visited clients in Brussels .

I sold the BSA 350 which I had bought in Britain for 55 Pound Sterling after I fell on a slippery , wet avenue in Bois de la Cambre .

And bought a bicycle , a Raleigh latest model with seat and handle adjustable .

And went to see the clients .

It was fun to ride in the traffic , pass everybody and make a sale .

At that time it was the plumes a bille the ball pens which was the novelty .

Bic was my competition and their pens were working well .

But I kept running . And then suddenly I  was riding on my very high saddle when a tram passed by .

There at the window and smiling there was the most  beautiful girl I had ever seen .

Every day at the same time I would drive past and she would smile .

That lasted three months and when I finally talked to her she told me that she was getting married and her husband was the greatest belgian skating champion .

I saw her ten years later and she was  getting a divorce .

At that time I was in love with somebody else .

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