We were watching BBC and saw the opening session of the British Parliament.
The Queen accompanied by Prince Philip looked terrible . She was shuffling and with effort advanced to the throne .
We found out that she had been hospitalized for acute diarrhea.
We sent her a letter via Stephanie who lives in London.

Your Royal Highness,

It is with great distress that I heard about your unfortunate health issues concerning your bowel movements.
I may bring some insight into the matter, since my grandfather of 91 suffered the same condition for three years.  After seeing multiple highly-regarded  medical specialists and following their prescribed treatments there was no progress and the condition persisted.  Then my grandmother decided to take out dairy products from my grandfathers diet. The results were nearly instantaneous. Perhaps the medical profession is so biased towards treating the symptoms that the idea that  a person may develop lactose intolerance at a later age might not be something that is normally considered. In this case however, it proved decisive and my grandfather has been symptom free for nearly a year. 
After three weeks the Queen replied through her Lady in Waiting.


On TV she looked better and Stephanie sent her a second letter .
Her husband had been in the Hospital for a check up . He staid two weeks.
And when she went to see him she was on TV and looked wonderful .
In fact she walked instead of shuffling and she did something strange to either say thank you or just for the public .
She made a small step to the right and a small step to the left.
It looked like a dance step !

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