This is a true story but not very original as many people in Vail had a similar experience last winter .
But it was late and the kids were at home eating enchiladas with their parents drinking tequila and beer .
We were walking and talking when suddenly fifty yards ahead there appeared a big bear .
It was black , six foot high , and unconcerned, even though he was hungry and eating leaves and kernels from a bark at the side of the river.
Do not run , do not be frightened were the instructions that we had read this morning in the Vail Daily. Forget it ! The animal looked towards us and we ran.
Obviously he was faster than us and was catching up when Nelly saw the steps of the stairway that led to the library fifty feet away.
We were panting but reached the bottom of the stairs ahead of the big black bear .
When we were halfway to the top the bear was trying to step on the narrow strip .
We reached the door of the library which was still open and rushed to the desk .
The young librarian was very calm and told us that it was not the first time that a bear got so near to the village . They were hungry and mostly attacked children and garbage containers .
But there was no danger for adults as they were afraid .
Next time when you meet a big black bear just follow the simple instructions of the Vail Daily !

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