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From  the author:

When I was fifteen year old a father or grand father would have helped .

But nobody was there, I was all alone .

Nobody to tell me how to play tennis , how to swim , how to lace my shoes .

They would have sent me to camp , to make friends , to talk to people instead of playing with marbles on the carpet all alone .

They would have told me about discipline about exercises about looking at people in the eye  .About eating well instead of just junk food and chocolates .

About good books instead of just comics –

They would have told me that girls are nice and approchable . Or help me look good instead of saying I was ugly …

That acne was treatable , that I was running faster than anybody in the world . That I had charm and a nice personality .

This is why I wrote this book .

Maybe you will get some benefit reading it .


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